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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Final Reporting 2005

Reflections on networks questions:

Q. 1. What were the highlights of the activities, events or outputs of your network in 2005?

Q. 2. What are the achievements of the network; how do they match your intended outcomes?

Q. 3. How did the network increase the uptake and sustainability of quality e learning?Q. 4. What is your aim now for the future of your network?

Q1. Highlights of the DSN included a range of achievements by its members. These included, a finalist in the Video Lives contest conducted by the ABC, a series of online events and courses exploring digital storytelling and some personal and instructional movies/stories published at our EdNA site.

Q2. The biggest success for the DSN has been the growing membership and the fantastic sharing of resources and ideas. The DSN is also a home for other satellite groups of digistory enthusiasts. More and more teachers are using the DST methodology to engage their learners with elearning. The newest examples of these are being developed for viewing on PDAs.

Q3. The DST methodology has proven to be a real catalyst for the uptake of elearning by the trades and other reluctant elearners. Some great examples of these were displayed at the Eureka conference in October. The greatest benefit for the digistory creators is the ease by which they can achieve professional results in the development of their innovative resources on their own.

Q4. My dream is to now take the DST another step forward and focus on developing skills and processes for self-publishing digistories within web based delivery systems. This has begun at Wodonga TAFE with the Experts in Action project funded and supported by the Innovations coordinator and mentored by myself.Another strategy for self-sustainability will be to ask the 15 owners to manage, facilitate and moderate within the DSN in 2006.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Running the workshops: elluminate issues

Six workshops were planned to span from July to September allowing plenty of time in between for participants to develop their stories.

Note: in hindsight this lengthy duration was not conducive to forward momentum as there were many work related distractions that prevented committment to the tasks.

Each workshop required the development of:

1. sets of powerpoint slides for the content of the 'lesson' ready for conversion to the Elluminate whiteboard
2. photo story project files to use as demonstrations for each part of the 'lesson'
3. the desktop sharing function in Elluminate was used for the demonstrations
4. the voice and text tools were used for the communication with the participants
5. the whiteboard was used to note their progress

Each workshop lasted approximately one hour with plenty of time for discussing, reflecting, watching, and learning the techniques of storytelling in Photo Story 3.

Some participants were shown how to 'share' their desktops in workshop 5 in preparation for showcasing their stories in workshop 6.

Note: in hindsight it would have been better to build in a f2f event for sharing their work with me in residence in Elluminate. This would have helped motivate all to have something ready on time and to really view the movies effectively.

Building an online course: preparations (2)

The next step was done via email postings directly to the participants to encourage each of them to:

1. download the software
2. prepare their images
3. create a story outline

Prior to the online workshops (each conducted in Elluminate) some discussion took place among the participants about their proposed development of learning resources.

Note: it was important to establish some background about the project in its context for the QAS.

The workshop schedule was sent to all participants and reminders were sent each week or fortnight to participate in the online events.

Note: there were only a few who actually participated in the first few workshops and by workshop 5, we were down to two participants only.

Building an online course: preparations (1)

An introductory discussion forum was created to provide guidance in the preparations required.

Preparing for digital storytelling takes careful planning and thoughtful strategies. In this discussion let's clarify what's required of you before you:

1. do the lessons
2. join the workshops

First have a look at the set of lessons and workshops and plan your time, your tools and your tasks. Come back later and give us an update on your progress.

When you've done that take a look at the replies from other participants and give them some feedback on their plans for time, tools and tasks.

Note: this did not work for this group as there was no committment to participate in the DSN and therefore no-one logged in and visited the discussion forums.

Building a course online: workshop schedule

Digital Storytelling for Queensland Ambulance Services
Workshop Schedule

Links: The following links will take you directly to the Elluminate Live virtual rooms nominated. Each of the workshops will be recorded for replay where required.

Carole’s Office at Elluminate @ Macro Dimensions:

Note: this office will be open at all times for testing or meeting. I will be online in the office on Thursdays for you. Discussions in this room are not recorded.

Workshops: (all on Thursdays)

Workshop 1 – July 14 (2.30 – 3.30 pm)

Workshop 2 – July 28 (2.00 – 3.00 pm)

Workshop 3 – August 11 (2.00 – 3.00 pm)

Workshop 4 – August 18 (2.00 – 3.00 pm)

Workshop 5 – September 1 (2.00 – 3.00 pm)

Workshop 6 and Showcase – September 29 (2.00 – 4.00 pm)

Digital Storytelling Network

A special section of this web space has been provided for you. There you will find resources, lessons, classrooms and forums for use during your online course in Digital Storytelling.

Note: A copy of this document is posted there in Resources for your convenience.